“A Discovery of Witches”: A Love Story between Witch and Vampire

Are you fans of “Twilight”? Or, are you also fans of the TV series “The Vampire Diaries”? Well folks…it means you are no stranger to the love story between humans and vampires.

If you like fantasy – drama and if you are vampire lovers, then you will definitely like the latest TV series from the UK entitled “A Discovery of Witches”.

“A Discovery of Witches” is the latest fantasy drama series that airs on the Sky One. Based on the trilogy of Deborah Harkness with the same title.

“A Discovery of Witches” tells the story of a witch and historian at Oxford University named Diana Bishop who was played by beautiful actress Teresa Palmer. One day, Diana visited the library to look for a book called Ashmole 78 2. As soon as she opened the book, she felt something odd, then she returned the book, Diana realized that the book was sought after by many creatures such as: Demons, Vampires, and even her own kin seek for the book. Then she met a charming vampire named Matthew Clairmornt , played by Matthew Goode. Matthew, offering help to Diana, without realizing it, the seeds of love began to grow between the two of them.

This in an interesting TV Series to follow,  there are many things that can be explored from this TV Series . If you have read the novel, surely you will understand exactly how the story is. The series also received a warm welcome, got many positive reviews, even on the IMDb site the series got an 8.5 / 10 score. But despite many positive reviews, the series did not escape shortcomings, one of them was in terms of dialogue, a lot of heavy dialogue, and difficult to understand, even in some scenes, there was a lot of dialogue between players who seemed stiff and a little bit forced. The series also focuses too much on romance between Diana and Matthew, where they can explore more about Demons, Vampires, or even Witches. The supporting players were less used properly. But even though there are some drawbacks, this series is indeed good, and is worth watching, the players’ acting is very good, plus the chemistry between the two main players, is worthy of later.

Are you interested in watching it? “A Discovery of Witches” aired every Friday at 9 pm on the Sky One channel.

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