“Aquaman” Topped the Box Office with $67.4 Million Debut.

DC’s latest superhero movie, “Aquaman” swims to the top at the box office with $67 million debut, “Aquaman” topped another newcomers Disney’s “Mary Poppins Returns” and Paramount’s “Bumblebee”.

“Aquaman” Topped the Box Office with $67.4 Million Debut.
“Aquaman” Topped the Box Office with $67.4 Million Debut.

“Aquaman” easily took the number spot on our list with $67.4 million plus three-day weekend $4.7 million with total gross $72.1 million on its first weekend. “Aquaman” received good reviews with 69% at Rotten Tomatoes, and received “A-‘ CinemaScore, 55 at MetaScore and currently 7.7/10 at IMDb.

Internationally, “Aquaman” scores big income with total gross over $400 million. “Aquaman” made an early debut in China and earned an impressive $232 million. The film also debuted in South Korea this weekend with $9.9 million along with openings in France ($6.2m), Germany ($4.2m), Spain ($2.8m) and Hong Kong ($2.7m). The film will open in Australia on December 26 followed by openings in Italy (Jan 1) and Japan (Feb 8).

Disney’s “Mary Poppins Returns” comes up as runner-up on our list with an estimated $22.2. The film received strong reviews prior to opening, 65 on Metacritic, 77% on RottenTomatoes — to go along with an “A-” CinemaScore, and currently sitting at 7.3/10 on IMDb.

Internationally, “Mary Poppins Returns” delivered an estimated $20.3 million with UK led the way with an estimated $9.4 million, followed by Italy ($2.8m), France ($2m), Germany ($1.9m) and Spain ($1.4m).

New film from Paramount and also the spinoff of Transformers series, “Bumblebee” landed at number three with an estimated $21 million. The film received strong reviews and an “A-” CinemaScore, also scores an impressive 93 % at Rotten Tomatoes and certified Fresh.

Internationally, “Bumblebee” opened in 38 markets, and scored $31.1 million led by $4.9 million openings in both Russia and Indonesia. Followed by Mexico ($3.9m), Australia ($2.8m), Malaysia ($2.6m), Germany ($1.8m), Thailand ($1.2m) and Singapore ($1.2m).

The new animation feature from Sony, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” landed in fourth place with an estimated $16.7 million on its second weekend released with total gross $65 million. Internationally, the film already has grossed over $64 million.

Finished at number five on our list, Clint Eastwood’s “The Mule” scored $9.9. million on its second weekend with total gross at $35.6 million.

Weekend Box Office December 21-23, 2018

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