“Attack on Titan” live-action movie gets the director of “It”

Warner Bros has announced that the director of “It”, Andy Muschietti will be direct the new “Attack on Titan” live-action movie.

Warner Bros has finalized the deal with Japanese publisher Kodansha, to adapt popular manga series “Attack on Titan” into a movie.

“Attack on Titan” is a manga series from Japan that was published in 2009 and became best-selling manga series, selling over 76 million copy worldwide. Written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, “Attack on Titan” set in post-apocalyptic world, where gargantuan man-eating humanoids known as “Titans” have almost wiped out humanity. People have only survived by building high walls to protect them from “Titans”. After living in a peace for a while, “Titans” have finally found a way to break through.

In 2013, “Attack on Titan” was adapted as an anime into TV Series. Then in 2015, a two-part theatrical version “Attack on Titan” was released in Japan by director Shunji Huguchi, earned $46 millon.

“Attack on Titan” will be produced by Barbara Muschietti, Masi Oka and David Heyman. There is no further detail about “Attack on Titans” live-action movie, the plot, the casts or possibly release date. One thing for sure, we have Andy Muschietti onboard.

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