‘Halloween’ is likely to beat ‘Venom’ on it’s opening weekend

Who doesn’t know about “Halloween”? Come on, let’s be honest…. I think everybody knew about “Halloween” especially horror junkies (including me). This long-running franchise is like must-see movies in Halloween night. And this year, we got a chance to see our favorite mass murderer back to stalk us in Halloween night.

Blumhouse’s “Halloween” already held strong position in limited released this Thursday, earned $7.7 Million. Early estimates of John Carpenter’s “Halloween” is about $79-80 Million Dollar after strong result in Friday with $33.3 Million Dollars. Impressively, unlike “Venom”, “Halloween” does not released in IMAX format. So, if this movie come up with the expected result, it’s likely to beat “Venom” as the best opening weekend this October.

Even if this movie doesn’t come up with the expected result. It’s likely to be the best of Blumhouse’s horror film, beat “Paranormal Activity 3” which earned box office opening weekend $52.5 Million Dollar. “Halloween” will also become the second best R-rated opening weekend behind last year big hit movie “It” which warned $123 Million Dollar on it’s first opening weekend. “Halloween” has B+ on CinemaScore. Got 80% on Rotten Tomatoes and 7.7/10 on IMDb.

Source:  thewrap.com

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