Horror Movie “Candyman” is being remake

Back in September, there were a lot of rumors saying that the director of “Get Out”, Jordan Peele will produce the remake of a classic horror movie “Candyman”, and now both the studio MGM and Peele have confirmed that they are definitely working on “Candyman” remake.

Deadline reports that this new “Candyman” project is said to be a “spiritual sequel” to the original.

“Candyman” was based on Barker’s short story The Forbidden which is one of the stories from his Books of Blood short story collections.

The story for the original film that was released back in 1994 follows a graduate student who is writing a research paper about local legends and myths in Chicago. While researching the project, she meets someone who tells her about the urban legend The Candyman, an artist and a son of a slave who had his hand severed and was then murdered by his lover’s father. Legend says that he will appear if you say his name five times in front of a mirror.

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Jordan Peele is onboard as a produser, and Nia DaCosta is signed to direct to project. There are still no news about the casts yet, but according to Peele, this new film will premiere on June 12, 2020

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