Movie Review: Outlaw King (2018)

Honestly, this one is out of my radar. I never knew about this film before, until my friend recommended it to me, and I got to say…I’m glad I didn’t miss the chance to watch this film.

“Outlaw King” is a Netflix movie based on Scottish history, follows the story of Robert the Bruce (Chris Pine) raises an army of Scottish fighters in rebellion. Twists and turns all across the Scottish countryside lead this film on an epic, “true to historical events”, journey that captures heroism at its core!

Directed by David Mackenzie, the casts including Chris Pine, Stephen Dillane, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Florence Pugh, Duncan Lacroix and Sam Spruell.

In my humble opinion, “Outlaw King” is one of the most visually breathtaking films of 2018, seriously, the scenery was wow…I was like blown away with the scenery, it was beautiful from start to finish. The cinematography, the set pieces, costume designs, are absolutely perfection. The story, based on a true event, is very engaging, and the film does a great job at making you route for Robert Bruce.

Chris Pine gives one of the best performances as Robert the Bruce. Aaron Taylor Johnson stands out as James Douglas, and Stephen Dillane is best as Edward I. Florence Pugh made her relatively small role as Robert’s wife stand out with the intensity of her performance. The soundtrack is haunting and music is used to excellent effect

But for me, the whole movie is like an instant noodle, it all happened very quickly. It should be made into miniseries or big screen, because the battle scene was so great. But still, I’m very enjoyed watching it.

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I have to admit that I’m hard to please as a viewer, but this movie scored high with me. I highly recommend it!

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