Movie Update: Tom Hanks is in talk to play Geppetto in Disney’s “Pinocchio” Movie

Two-time Oscar winner, Tom Hanks is being eyed to play Geppetto in upcoming Disney’s live-action “Pinocchio” movie.

“Pinocchio” is a classic animated film, which Disney originally released in 1940, follows a living puppet who must prove himself worthy in order to become a real boy. The character of Geppetto is a master toymaker as well as a widower who longs for a son. He fashions Pinocchio out of wood and wishes upon a star for him to come to life.

Paul King will directing the upcoming “Pinocchio” live-action movie, with Chris Weitz and Andrew Miano produce the movie.

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According to the studio, the film will have the budget around $150 million and the production will start next summer.

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