Review: “First Man” 2018

Neil Armstrong, the first human being that ever walked in the moon was made into big screen in entitled ‘First Man”

When we are watching “First Man”, it feels like watching the old tape of one of the most influential history moment of human kin, when Neil Armstrong become the first human being that ever step his foot in the moon.

“First Man” tells the story of Armstrong on how he was successfully made his carrier in project NASA, from 1961 until the most unforgettable history moment in 20 July 1969.

Directed by Damien Chazelle (La La Land) and written by Josh Singer, “First Man” was an adaptation  of the story of Armstrong that was made into a book by James R Hansen with the title “First Man: The Life of Neil A Armstrong”

Adapt the best-selling book into a movie is not an easy thing. But Singer did it pretty well. Singer choose to focus on the process of testing and project NASA that mostly failed until it made Armstrong played by talented actor Ryan Gosling (La La Land, Drive) has a second thought,

Armstrong known as – the unpleasant man will lead the project Apollo 11, in the middle of his wife’s concern, his child, the death of his friends, public pressure, government, also congress.

“First Man: The Life of Neil A Armstrong” mainly fokus on the life of Neil. But in the film “First Man”, Singer and Chazelle choose to expose Janet Shearon, Armstrong’s first wife, played by talented actress Claire Foy (The Crown), as the life aspect of Neil Armstrong.

Review “First Man” 2018

Review “First Man” 2018

As a biopic movie, there are a lot of social or politic issues in “First Man “. One of them if racial issues during the preparation of Apollo 11, or when Armstrong and NASA have to maintain their idealism in the middle of fund and lack of support from senat. .

Not only from the story, First Man also made a quite amazing cinematography and visual effects.

Chazelle’s decision to make the movie with the repro visual style, alongside with the mode attribute, make up and the technology at that time, made the ‘First Man’ feels so much fun to watch.

Stunning cinematography and classic settings made the audiences feel like they are watching the footage from 60’s. visual effect and CGI were made simpler and not jaw dropping CGI, different from previous movies like Interstellar or Gravity. This is one of the things that make this movie feel so real.

Though the CGI is not screaming like thousand dollar, I’m sure that First Man has a chance to at least nominated in Academy Award for the cinematography, costume, lead actor, or even in the best picture category.

This film is not 100% perfect, there are still deficiency in plot story that make this move little bit boring in some parts.

For movie goers especially in history drama and astronomy, despite all the controversy and conspiracy, sensation to steep the foot for the first time by Neil Armstrong in “First Man” still feel so amazing to watch.

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