“Venom 2” is Officially in Works

“Venom” sequel is finally happening!

“Venom 2” is Officially in Works
“Venom 2” is Officially in Works

After becoming massive hit in 2018 with over $855 million,  Sony Pictures has officially announced that they are going to make “Venom 2”

The good news is, according to Variety, the studio has already pinned the writer of “Venom”, Kelly Marcel to back as the screenwriter for the sequel.

But the bad news is, the director of “Venom”, Ruben Fleischer may not be returning to direct the sequel. As we know, know Fleisher is busy with “Zombieland 2”. And rumor is, the studio may look for another filmmaker to direct the “Venom 2”. But this is just a rumor, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Tom Hardy is expected to return to play the titular character Eddie Brock/Venom.

There is still no detail information about the plot of the sequel, but the studio has announced that “Venom 2” is set to release in October 2nd 2020.

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